Morrocain CoFFEE Culture

It seems to be quite a difference in the coffee culture in Morocco, then we are used to in Europe. 

You will find two kinds of coffee shops in general:


First: The traditional coffee places. The focus is on the taste (and outcome) of the coffee. This is quite refreshing since a great design of a coffee place does not mean the coffee itself is tasty. So far: no Latte art. The coffee places are located everywhere outside on the streets and filled dominantly with men. Drinking a cup of coffee is often combined with a small business meeting, just chatting or with the observation of people passing the near environment.

Second: The modern coffee places. Lots of places are labeled "Café". Mostly they focus on food and not only coffee.  These spots have a well-designed interior, and resemble more the European style. These are the place in which you have the possibility of ordering a cappuccino if you feel like having one. 

By the way, you do not see people walking around with coffee cups, drinking it rather means sitting down and socialize. 


In the traditional way of drinking coffee in Morroco you have two different options:

  • Nous-Nous, Noos- Noos (means half/ half): half milk, half coffee
  • Café noir/Café Arabe: double shot espresso 

Even in the smallest coffee places, at bus stations, they do not give you instant coffee. You get a nice brew out of an espresso machine, often even hand pressed. At the tiny shops the narrow streets of the medinas,  you can buy fresh roasted or non-roasted coffee beans and take them home to grind them yourself. Most of the time we consumed Nous-Nous (great word), and even though it was not as strong in taste, it is quite delicious.


Special note: The coffee taste of Morrocan brew is nearly always tasty, especially if you like to enjoy a cup without much fuzz. Morocco will be the perfect coffee country for you.


Tea time:

We recommend you to drink also lots of mint tea in Morocco because it is the most delicious we had so far. The consumption of it is as traditional as coffee and you can find it in every corner of the country. They just love to pour it in from a big hight so they can see the astonished look on your face. If you have the opportunity take the teapot and try it yourself. It is a lot of fun and much easier then it looks.

A coffee cheerioo at the coast in Taghazout.
A coffee cheerioo at the coast in Taghazout.