Walls of the old center of Baku
Walls of the old center of Baku

What to expect of the capital Baku? What comes to your mind? Well, let us just say this is a city which will astonish you in many ways and it is more than worth to visit it.

You can spend the day strolling in the old town of Baku with its amazing buildings and cobblestone streets. By the way, this site is part of UNESCO World Heritage. Stop at the unique sights like the Maiden Tower and learn about the history of the city.  You even get the opportunity to eat at a place which served in the past for a resting place of the caravans in the silk route. Just a few steps further you can find a unique miniature book museum. If you feel the need to relax, visit one of the oldest Hammams in the city. Even though the old center is not big, there are so many things to discover. If you need a fresh breeze, just walk a few miles further to the seaside promenade which seems like it never ends.

Until now, we did not experience a place where history and modernity are united in a more enjoyable way. From the old town of the city, you can either learn more about the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan by visiting the carpet museum (also part of the UNESCO World Heritage!).
Or you can head to admire the new and sometimes futuristic architecture of the city. For this, you will have a difficult time to decide where to go first. The Heydar Aliev Center is one of the architectural highlights. This place is just mind-blowing. We watched a documentary about the construction of this building, so the overwhelming feeling of the inspirational ideas and work which lead to this place, made us appreciate it even more. Make sure to visit one exhibition there, the building has more shapes inside to offer.
We understand also that it is a popular place to shoot wedding pictures. It's great to watch the new married couples!

The amount of amazing buildings in Baku is big. Another stop for more than one time: The Flame Towers. The changing lights just hypnotize you.

What to do in the evening?  Watch the light show at night. All the buildings of the city light up in a different way. You can pass a lot of time just watching the changes of the light shows from the viewing points of the city.


Special thanks to Jeyhun and Enver! The help to discover Baku was amazing.