The cuisine of Azerbaijan is very tasty. Make sure to bring elastic pants because the probability to gain some weight is very high. We don't know about you, but we love Turkish food and could find a lot of similarities here and there. The love for tea and food connects these two countries for us. Everything feels fresh and the variety of dishes is very broad. It's great to visit places where the quality of food is appreciated. In the evening we could witness the arrival of fresh herbs at the local market just next to our accommodation, the smells in the air will stay in our memory. 




 As mentioned before the variety of Azerbaijani food is very broad. From fresh fish dishes, kebab, all kinds of flatbread, pilaf in different compositions to a long list of different soups. We can give you only give you some suggestions, to increase the appetite to make sure you travel to Azerbaijan as well to eat all the delicious dishes yourself.


  • Dolma : These delicious rice/ sometimes meat/ spices/ leaf wraps, which are also so popular to be eaten in Turkey, can be found in a lot of variations. The leaf wraps can consist of cabbage, vine leaves, eggplant and more variations. Make sure to try them all!
  •  Lots of kebab: If you like meat, no need to go into further details: Enjoy!
  • Dovga: A yogurt based soup with a lot of different herbs. You can enjoy the dish hot or cold, it is delicious refreshing in both variations. Just thinking of the soup, makes us want to have it again.
  • Dushbara: small dumplings served in a delicious soup with fresh herbs.
  • Piti: Soup with pieces of mutton and vegetables 
  • Bread: As one of the fundamentals in the Azeri cuisine, the bread comes in different forms. One of the most tasty ones is done in a tandir. Make sure to eat lavash, very thin flatbread, which can be used as a wrap
  • Desserts: pakhlava, Halva


 Okay, now we are hungry again...