Why Caffeine?

Everyone has something that they love. We love coffee.

Coffee is not only a simple beverage for us,  but also a way to meet friends, discover new places, have great conversations or simply take a moment to order the thoughts.

The diversity in taste is enormous and you can train your taste buds to discover all nuances of flavors. There is no way to get bored of coffee, you can always learn new brewing techniques. Hot or cold - it is suited for every occasion.

The cherry on top: Latte art. It is a way to render a coffee from an all taste oriented sensation to a visual one. Latte art can astonish you and sometimes make you laugh.


We dream for a long time to open our own coffee shop. Since the last 15 years, we built up different types of coffee places in our minds.  Until now we could not realize them because we worked in different fields and to be honest each idea seemed also a bit silly. One of our first ideas was a coffee place with beds instead of simple chairs, so our costumes can also take a nap in between coffees.


The idea of traveling the world and to drink lots of coffee while doing it seems like a way to discover new flavors. Every country has its own favorites and its own coffee culture. We decided to do sightseeing in a different way: we hop from coffee place to coffee place, keep the caffeine level up, try to get to know awesome baristas and fellow coffee lovers.


The ideas get better and better, we will let you know where our own coffee place will be located, so you can taste our journey yourself one day.