About us

Who we are?

Who seriously can answer that question?

Two travelers.

Two coffee lovers.

Two conquerers.

Two girls.

42 is the maybe the correct answer.


Hey we are Travel Macchiato. Two girls who decided to quit their jobs and flats to discover the world and find the best coffee. After years of drinking dons of coffee our aim is now to learn more about brewing & roasting techniques and coffee culture. How do people in the Himalaya drink their coffee (if they drink something else than chai?), is it true that the best und most expensive coffee beans are produced in Bali and why are the Turks so into dark roasting?



Since we are travel and adventure lovers we decided to go after this questions for one year. In the same time we will not miss the chance to climb to hills, learn horse back riding, increase our yoga skills and do all the things we would normally say: „ Let's do that tomorrow“, „next week“, „next month“ or let us be honest: never.

Who we are? The truth.

We are Maria & Mine. We are two coffee addicted workaholics who definitely worked too much. Maria is a doctor and worked in the field of internal medicine in a hospital in Germany. Mine is an art conservator for paintings and contemporary art and worked the last years as an project manager in an art conservation studio.