Coffee in BAKU

Book Café in the town center
Book Café in the town center



First of all one fact first: Tea is more common to be consumed then coffee in Baku. The chai is very tasteful and just some change in composition like the addition of some flowers change the taste into a whole different direction. While drinking the tea, black, some with a bitter note, you can eat some sweet cherry compot. The combination of the lightly bitter and sweet cherry taste is awesome and a lot of times we had more chai then coffee in our stay. The traditional way is to drink it made out of a samovar.  

The tea is served in a pear-shaped glass (armudu) to keep it warm in the bottom while the surface can cool down faster in order to drink it. 



Let us introduce some of the coffee places that we tried in Baku:

Baristas and Chef

Yes, you unsterand it the right way: Food and Coffee, our favorite combination in the world. The coffee is very good and the food options are tasty.  They offer the usual choices but also some iced drinks, which are perfect in the hot summers in the city. We tried the juices as well and got treated with a delicious lava cake. 


Travellers Coffee

This is a Russian chain of coffee places. The chemex and the cappuccino that we drink there, have a solid taste. The one located in the center, has a variety of sitting locations, which make it a great to work.


Baku  roasting company

This is a small coffee place, with its own roastery. Good choice for a cup of coffee.

Barista and Chef
Barista and Chef