The Cogito Coffee is located in a side lane in the center of the lower town in Zagreb. The interior design is kept minimalistic. The big wooden table invites you to sit down and get some work done. You are immediately inspired to work there while drinking a cappuccino. If you want to enjoy the sun you can use the tables located outside. We loved the size of the coffee place. Even with simple and modern design, you got a cozy feeling there. They offer the classics and also 3rd wave coffee. It is one of the few specialty coffee roasteries in Zagreb. 

QUAHWA Coffee Lovers Only

The Quahwa coffee is located in the lower town of Zagreb as well. When you enter you see immediately  the variety of coffee styles written on the wall. It ranges from Turkish coffee, Vietnamese to the classics. The Barista will be glad to help you choose. The coffee place offers a lot of possibilities to sit down and enjoy your drink. Either inside, where you might want to choose the table made out of coffee machines, or outside on the terrace. We try the Turkish, Vietnamese coffee and a Matcha Latte. Do you know the feeling when you drink a Turkish coffee and it seems to be to small? Here  you can order a big Turkish coffee. We had to drink two cups because it is so tasty and on the side you get a piece of Turkish delight. The mixture of the sweetness of the candy and the light bitter coffee taste is incredible.